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Privacy Policy

Filling out a form

The privacy policy explains how your details are held and how it is used, stored and how you have the right to see what information is held. 

The information stored on my website is completely confidential and any visitor information is used purely for analytical purposes. 

I will not share personal information with any third parties.

If you email or message me the only information I will hold is contact details should you proceed to have a Reflexology treatment with me.

Otherwise the information will be deleted.

Our obligation to you:

Data about you is: 

  • Reviewed on an annual basis

  • Held or the length o time you are a clent and for 7 years after you cease to become a client. This is to comply with insurance requirements.

  • Stored in a secure, locked location (treatment forms and diary)

  • Data held any any device, Laptop. Phone, Tablet is passcode and fingerprint protected and capable of being remotely deleted

  • NOT shared with third parties

  • You an request a copy of the data held by From Sole  to Soul be deleted

  • You will be notified of any data breach that happens within 72 hours off discovery

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